Our Philosophy

It’s All about the Food, FRESH, LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE

Our Story

The only way to get the truth is to come and see us and say hello to the people of Amagansett, say “How’s the Crack!” and to start with where you are from. Everyone has a journey and we want to hear yours…

Meet Mike

Originally from Ireland, a small green island off the coast of Europe, Mike left the Great Famine as a child and set off for New York on the world’s largest ship at the time. Not content with playing card games below decks, Mike fell in love with Rose, a wealthy young heiress aboard the voyage. The ship hit an iceberg (not the lettuce) and sank. The relationship ended. Luckily Mike grew up on a tiny island and was blessed by Father Elvish as a very able semen, so he sailed and fished his way from the Atlantic Ocean to land, The End. The best part of 2 decades were spent on fishing and food and 25 Years Ago Mike’s Amagansett Seafood was born. To this very day, whenever there is a third Full Moon on any given calendar month, Mike goes to the shoreline and plays a tiny black and gold harp to Rose and all those who sailed in her.

Mike Serious

Founder & Fearless leader

Mike is quite the character, he’ll always try and sneak a drink in your hand and supports a funny soccer team!

Mike Happy

Chief Crack Officer

Always up for a bit of Crack – Craic (/kræk/KRAK) or crack is a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and great conversation.  “What’s the craic?” means How are you? or What’s happening?. Under either spelling, the term has great cultural currency and significance in Ireland.

Mike Scared

Head of Giving

Mike’s pretty generous with food and portions – sometimes that scares him because he remembers the great potato famine

Write a note to Mike and tell him about your post

Mike loves his customers, they’re his family, and he loves to hear from them and their worldwide social media exploits and stories about ASS. Mostly because Mike isn’t very technical and doesn’t really understand bytes/bits – he thinks bites are for food and bits are the small crumbs on the table after eating. Please be kind to Mike in posts because you are his family – in fact his actual family were abducted by snakes before St Patrick coaxed them away back in the day – sad.