This is where you can learn all about whats fresh and local

What is truly Local and Wild?

The Atlantic Ocean off the east end of Long Island is abundant, but not unlimited. Amagansett Seafood Store only sells WILD LOCAL fish and shellfish IN SEASON : Tuna, Lobster, Fluke, Steamers, Striped Bass, Mussels, Swordfish, Clams, Black fish, Sea Scallops, Black Sea Bass, Bay Scallops, Cod, Blue Fish, Tile Fish, Weakfish, Haddock, Oysters and of course local Blow.

What do we ship in?

We ONLY SELL WILD fish and shell fish. This means the classics that we ship in from other fisheries has to be wild NOT FARMED. This includes; Red and Gulf Shrimp, Scottish and Pacific Salmon, Pacific Halibut, Alaskan King Crab…

World famous customer service?

If you are busy – just let us know. If you’ve got a few minutes then stay a while and have a little taste of life. Ask for a sample and You might even get one, but don’t be greedy or (pls use irish pirate accent) “the curse of the emerald python will be upon yee” .