Sure, its easy for us to say how awesome we are (and trust us, we ARE!), however don’t just take out word for it!

Eat Local Seafood

Eating underutilized species of fish is good for the environment, delicious on the palate and easy on the wallet.

The Long Island Sound is thick with bluefish through autumn. This meaty fish is loaded with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The next time you’re craving fish, skip overfished swordfish and tuna and go straight for the blue.

Lovers of bivalves know that aquaculture on the East End is on the upswing. Oysters dramatically improve water quality because they filter as they feed, removing substances that promote toxic algae blooms.

Locals swear by the Amagansett Seafood Store, where hands-on owner Mike is always ready with a fresh, local seafood suggestion. Next time you order your favorite briny gift from the sea, make sure it’s local

Straight out of our customers mouths!

Great seafood !

I love this place. The freshest seafood $ cannbuy. I watched the lobsters delivered and spoke to the fisherman that caught them that morning. Great people, fair prices. – Brian M

Fresh and delicious 

Clams ,oysters and lobster. That’s a summer meal. Everything was fresh and delicious. We cooked the lobsters at home and they were very sweet. 

Great place to go to. Grab a beer and have some local clams on the half shell. I live in East Hampton. This is worth the drive  – NYFoodDude

Good fresh fish

Not only do they have good fish but you can buy prepared food there. The best part for me is they have marinades and can give recipes for cooking the fish. – jstc50

My Local

As a Amagansett year-rounder it’s important to us that we support local shops. This seafood shop is quite good. Although Mike, the owner is for Chelsea I don’t hold it against him (kidding). 

Very fresh seafood largely sourced locally. Great prepared foods – crab cakes, dips, starters, baked clams. If you need something specific it’s no issue to phone an order in a day or two beforehand. Very accommodating and friendly. Mike will go the extra length to be helpful which is a big step-above other larger, more impersonal shops. – KaiserBrit

The best clambake and personality in eastern Long Island

We spend August in Amagansett and have done so for 8 years now and I am a regular at Amagansett Seafood Store. It offers both fresh, uncooked seafood (lobsters, mussels, clams, shrimp) and fish as well as prepared foods and marinades, etc. I made the swordfish steaks using their ponzu sauce last night-sublime. A week ago we ordered the clambake for 12 people ie mussels and clams in wine and herb broth, 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 pound lobsters, corn, bread, butter sauce. You can cook yourself or they’ll cook it. Fantastic. Also love the smoked bass dip. Mike is a wild and crazy Irishman-love him. – Charles V

Highly recommended if you have an open mind and sense of humour

I love love love Amagansett Seafood Store. Michael is a gas man. A Wexford man too.

My sister had me prepared for a visit here, but it was so much more fun and entertaining than I had imagined. 

After a shot of high end tequila from the freezer, we got our pre-ordered clam bake for two, some fish sauce and the lone of a knife to crack open the lobsters. 

It was all wonderful. And the most amazing dining experience I’ve had in years. Eating a clam bake we cooked ourselves on a beach bonfire at sunset. Absolute heaven. 

I see from a couple of other reviews, some people have taken exception to Michaels personality. I think he’s the highlight and I’m glad the majority of Yelp reviewers have embraced this shop and it’s proprietor. As the Amagansett Seafood Store by-line says “Get Fresh”, it sets the fun tone before you even set foot in the place. 

Highly recommended if you have an open mind and sense of humour. – 740cristini

fresh seafood and delightful service

this is my go-to place for fresh seafood that I want to cook at home. they have everything from the sea you can imagine and everything was caught just a few hours before. prices are reasonable. – Dave W

The Best Place to Buy Seafood in EH

Hands down the best place to buy seafood in East Hampton area. Mike the owner makes a point to meet the customers and really cater to their needs. I have never been misguided my him or his staff. The ceviche and other items they make are top notch. doesn’t hurt that they are next to wine and grocery stores. one stop shopping… – Golden16118

So fresh

I was staying with family in Amagansett and decided to prepare only local seafood for dinner.I spent a lot of money at this shop but it was worth it. Delicious crab cakes full of meat and NO filler. Scallops that sliced like butter, swordfish and striped bass and fresh lobster. Everything was fresh and of premium quality. And the people who work there are so helpful with cooking and purchasing tips. – Caroline P